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  • Book of the Month September 2021

    Cries for a Lost Homeland Reflections on Jesus' Sayings from the Cross Guli Francis-Dehqani Guli Francis-Dehqani was born in Isfahan, Iran, to a family who were part of the tiny Anglican Chu...  more
  • Book of the Month August 2021

    Black, Gay, British, Christian, Queer The Church and the Famine of Grace Jarel Robinson-Brown If the church is ever tempted to think that it has its theology of grace sorted, it need only lo...  more
  • Book of the Month July 2021

    Finding Abundance in Scarcity Steps Towards Church Transformation A HeartEdge Handbook Samuel Wells All churches have had to learn to do things differently during closure due to the coronavi...  more
  • Book of the Month June 2021

    Out of the Shadows Preaching the Women of the Bible Kate Bruce and Liz Shercliff The story of the Bible is most often told as the story of men, from patriarchs to prophets, kings, disciples ...  more
  • Book of the Month May 2021

    How Not To Be Afraid Seven Ways To Live When Everything Seems Terrifying Gareth Higgins We live in a time where we seem more afraid than ever. The rise of populism, polarization and aggressi...  more
  • Book of the Month April 2021

    The Humble Church Renewing the Body of Christ Martyn Percy In this bold and provocative invitation, Martyn Percy imagines what the post-pandemic Church might look like and sets out what it need...  more
  • Book of the Month March 2021

    Borders and Belonging The Book of Ruth: A story for our times Pádraig Ó Tuama and Glen Jordan A leading poet and a theologian reflect on the Old Testament story of Ruth, a tale that resonate...  more
  • Book of the Month February 2021

    David's Crown Sounding the Psalms Malcolm Guite As well as the name of a virus, a corona is a crown, the pearly glow around the sun in certain astronomical conditions and a poetic form where in...  more
  • Book of the Month January 2021

    A Cross in the Heart of God Reflections on the Death of Jesus Samuel Wells The Canterbury Press Lent book for 2021 focuses on the significance of the story at the very centre of Christianity: t...  more
  • Book of the Month December 2020

    The Wisdom of St Benedict Monastic Spirituality and the Life of the Church Luigi Gioia Luigi Gioia is one of the most insightful commentators on monastic and priestly life today. In The Wisdom ...  more
  • Book of the Month November 2020

    Being Reverend Matt Woodcock Matt Woodcock returns with this sequel to the bestselling 'Becoming Reverend'. Follow Matt's journey as he starts work at one of Hull's oldest, biggest...  more
  • Book of the Month October 2020

    Love Mercy The Twelve Steps of Forgiveness Samuel Wells Love Mercy is a thoughtful and realistic exploration of forgiveness and making peace from bestselling author and broadcaster ...  more
  • Book of the Month September 2020

    Biblical Explorations Series The Parables Paula Gooder The third volume in the Biblical Explorations series from bestselling New Testament writer Paula Gooder explores a major exponen...  more
  • Book of the Month August 2020

    Faith Hope and Mischief Tiny acts of rebellion by an everyday activist Andrew Graystone Andrew Graystone is an everyday activist who believes in the power of tiny acts to change the...  more
  • Book of the Month July 2020

    God's Church in the World The Gift of Catholic Mission by Andrew Davison, Anna Matthews, Alison Milbank and others   God's Church in the World: The Gift of Catholic Missio...  more
  • Book of the Month June 2020

    Holiness and Desire What makes us who we are? by Jessica Martin This significant contribution to theological ethics shows that sexuality is not the sole, nor even the main ground on which ...  more
  • Book of the month - May 2020

    12 Rules for Christian Activists A Toolkit for Massive Change Edited by Ellen Loudon If you've ever browsed the self-help sections of any bookshop, you'd be forgiven for thinking t...  more
  • Book of the Month April 2020

    Living the Story The Ignatian Way of Prayer and Scripture Reading by Joe Cassidy Edited and Introduced by Ann Loades Poetry and story can tell the deepest truths about who we are as hum...  more
  • Book of the Month March 2020

    Walking the Way of the Cross Prayers and Reflections on the Biblical Stations of the Cross by Stephen Cottrell, Paula Gooder and Philip North Found in Common Worship: Times and Seasons, Th...  more
  • Book of the month - Feb 2020

    Soulful Nature A Spiritual Field Guide By Brian Draper and Howard Green   In our busy, pressured world, the natural world can be a powerful counter-balance, offers wisdom f...  more
  • Book of the Month Jan 2020

    Live Lent Care for God's Creation A 40-Day Challenge Church of England During Lent Christians prepare to celebrate God's redemption of the world in Jesus at Easter. Live Lent: Care...  more
  • Book of the Month oct 19

    In the Bleak Midwinter Advent and Christmas with Christina Rossetti by Rachel Mann In the Bleak Midwinter explores the power of Advent and the joy of Christmas through the poetry of Christ...  more
  • Book of the Month Sept 2019

    Kiss and Part Short Stories by Jo Baker Joan Bakewell Jill Dawson Lucy Durneen Catherine Fox Maggie Gee Maria McCann Elizabeth Speller Salley Vickers Marina Warner ...  more
  • Book of the Month Nov 2019

    After Prayer New Sonnets and Other Poems Malcolm Guite This major new poetry collection from bestselling poet and priest Malcolm Guite features more than seventy new and previously unpubl...  more
  • Book of the Month Late August 2019 (1)

    Preaching With All Ages Twelve Ways to Grow Your Skills and Confidence Ally Barrett   Ally Barrett is a priest and a tutor in all-age worship and all-age preaching at Westcott ...  more
  • Book of the Month August 2019

    God Unbound Theology in the Wild Brian McLaren One of today's most popular Christian thinkers and writers and the author of numerous bestselling titles. Theology, says Brian McLaren, ...  more
  • Book of the Month June 2019

    Sabbath Rest Mark Scarlata Revd Dr Mark W. Scarlata is Tutor and Lecturer in Old Testament Studies at St Mellitus College, London. Why is sabbath so critical for the life of faith? And w...  more
  • Book of the Month July 2019

    A Year of Grace David Hoyle David Hoyle is the Dean of Bristol and author of the acclaimed The Pattern of Our Calling. He was previously Director of Ministry for the Diocese of Gloucester an...  more
  • Book of the Month - May 2019

    Common Worship Daily Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come Morning, Evening, Day and Night Prayer from Ascension and Pentecost   Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement inviting Christ...  more
  • Book of the Month - Late May 2019

    Christianity Rediscovered New Edition Vincent Donovan   "You told us of the High God, how we must search for him...But we have not done this. We have not left our land. We have...  more
  • Book of the Month - April 2019

    Walk Humbly Encouragements for living, working and being Samuel Wells   In the spirit of the popular poem 'Desiderata', world-renowned ethicist, theologian and preacher Samuel ...  more
  • Book of the Month - March 2019

    Holy Envy Barbara Brown Taylor   The renowned Christian preacher and New York Times bestselling author of An Altar in the World recounts her moving discoveries of finding the...  more
  • Book of the Month - February 2019

    Shameless Nadia Bolz-Weber   Raw, intimate, and timely, Nadia Bolz-Weber's latest book offers a full-blown overhaul of our harmful and antiquated ideas about sex, gender, and...  more
  • Book of the Month - January 2019

    Pilgrim Journeys: The Beatitudes Steven Croft Join the Church of England's 2019 LentPilgrim journey with Pilgrim Journeys: The Beatitudes Pilgrim Journeys: The Beatitudes invi...  more
  • Book of the Month - December 2018

    Margaret's Night in St. Peter's A Christmas Story Jon Sweeney A delightful new story in the Pope's Cat series. Margaret is a stray cat who was adopted by the Holy Father. ...  more
  • Book of the Month - August 2018

    Words That Listen A Literary Companion to the Lectionary Ian Barkham, J Barney Hawkins, Mark Oakley Christians are deeply concerned about consumerism, but lack the tools to be ...  more
  • Book of the Month - September 2018 (1)

    Buying God Consumerism and Theology Eve Poole Christians are deeply concerned about consumerism, but lack the tools to be able to engage robustly in the debate about its future...  more
  • Book of the Month - October 2018

    # Follow the Star A Journey through the 12 Days of Christmas Isabelle Hamley Follow The Star is a pocket-sized booklet inviting you to travel in the footsteps of the Wise Men t...  more
  • Book of the Month - July 2018

    The Language of Tears Their gift, mystery and meaning David Runcorn Tears are a common experience we rarely discuss, and then only in relation to pain and loss. David Runcor...  more
  • Book of the Month - May 2018

    The Hardest Part A Centenary Critical Edition G.A. Studdert Kennedy Stark, moving but with glimmers of humour amongst the wreckage, "The Hardest Part" asks perhaps the hardes...  more
  • Book of the Month - April 2018

    Alleluia is Our Song Reflections on Easter and Pentecost Michael Mayne Alleluia is our Song draws together a collection of profound and beautiful seasonal reflections for the...  more
  • Book of the Month - June 2018

    After the Fire Finding words for Grenfell Alan Everett   In the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, the local parish church became a focal ...  more
  • Book of the Month - March 2018

    Breathing Deep Life in the Spirit of Easter Ian Adams Words and images combine to create a simple yet profound guide to seeing the world in the light of Easter. The 40 'invi...  more
  • Book of the Month - February

    Raging with Compassion Pastoral Responses to the Problem of Evil John Swinton In Raging with Compassion, Michael Ramsey prize-winning author John Swinton argues for a prac...  more
  • Book of the Month - January

    Live Lent: Let Your Light Shine Introduced by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York #LiveLent - Let Your Light Shine takes you on a six week discipleship journey in 2018 through the Gos...  more
  • Publisher of the Month: Liturgical Press

    Publisher of the Month: Liturgical Press Our Publisher of the Month feature is a quick way to get to know a religious publisher and their stock. This month's publisher is Liturgical Press, and ...  more
  • Book of the month - October

    God with Us Your Christmas Journey with a welcome from Archbishop Justin Welby December may be a time of year when moments of peace and quiet reflection are in ...  more
  • Book of the Month - August

    The Dave Walker Guide to the Church 2018 Calendar By Dave Walker Dave's distinctive cartoon style, his quiet comic genius and his unique take on what goes on in local church ...  more
  • Decani Music at Norwich Books & Music

    We welcome Decani Music to our distribution service from July 2017. Decani Music publish the widely-used Laudate hymnal, with its companion volumes Veni Emmauel and Resurrexit, a large range o...  more
  • Book of the month - May

    Reflections for Daily Prayer Advent 2017 to the eve of Advent 2018 Contributors include Stephen Cottrell, Gillian Cooper, Malcolm Guite, Christopher Cocksworth, Angela Tilby. N...  more
  • Book of the month - June

    God, Neighbour, Empire The Excess of Divine Fidelity and the Command of Common Good Walter Brueggemann Israel, in the Old Testament, bears witness to a God who initiates a...  more
  • Book of the month - March

    Hanging by a Thread The Questions of the Cross By Samuel Wells Sam Wells reflects on the challenges to our understanding of Christ's crucifixion that arise today. Exploring contemporar...  more
  • Catholic Truth Society at Norwich Books and Music

    News release Christian charity and publisher, bookseller and distributor Hymns Ancient & Modern, today announced that from May 2017 it will be providing distribution services for the Cathol...  more
  • Publisher of the month

    This month,  David Shervington, Senior Commissioning Editor of SCM Press, presents a publisher in theology and religious studies at the heart of Hymns Ancient and Modern. SCM P...  more
  • Hodder Faith

    With over 400 million Bibles in print, the New International Version is the world's most popular modern English Bible. It is renowned for its combination of reliability and readability. F...  more
  • Collins Catholic catalogue

    UK customers can now browse the Collins Catholic catalogue which is now available. Please quote COLLINS16 for an extra 2% discount until 19th February 2016. Minimum order of 10 units.  Sta...  more
  • Update to Pubeasy

    We have upgraded our Pubeasy account to show: actual stock available at Norwich Books and Music (live data) when a title is 'manufactured/print on demand' Print on demand (POD) This...  more
  • Thanks & Praise - a new hymnal supplement for the Church of Ireland

    We are delighted to be publishing this new supplement - full music and words only plus electronic words download editions - all early autumn 2015. Thanks & Praise will contain some 200 hymn...  more
  • Pilgrim Course

    Complete Pilgrim course now available! The Church of England's popular Pilgrim course is now available in full, with the final two titles in the Grow stage published this January. More than...  more
  • HarperCollins & Random House

    Religious titles from both HarperCollins and Random House are available through Norwich Books and Music. Browse these new and bestselling titles: William Collins Religious: Catalogue ...  more
  • Norwich Books & Music PubEasy site upgrade

    The Norwich Books & Music site has been upgraded and title, price & availability data is now updated daily. All titles can also be ordered via the PubEasy system: any bookseller wanting...  more
  • Onix Data

    We have an ONIX system now in place for all our own published imprints - Canterbury Press/Church House Publishing/SCM Press/St Andrew Press and hymnals published under the imprint Hymns Anci...  more