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Book of the Month August 2021

Date added: 04 August 2021

Black, Gay, British, Christian, Queer

The Church and the Famine of Grace

Jarel Robinson-Brown

Black, Gay, British, Christian, Queer

If the church is ever tempted to think that it has its theology of grace sorted, it need only look at its reception of queer black bodies and it will see a very different story.

In this honest, timely and provocative book, Jarel Robinson-Brown argues that there is deeper work to be done if the body of Christ is going to fully accept the bodies of those who are black and gay.

A vital call to the Church and the world that Black, Queer, Christian lives matter, this book seeks to remind the Church of those who find themselves beyond its fellowship yet who directly suffer from the perpetual ecclesial terrorism of the Christian community through its speech and its silence.

"A liberation theology for the twenty-first century. Jarel's black queer Christian voice challenges the straight white church with a call to overturn its long history of racism and homophobia - and to embrace love, diversity, inclusion and equality for all. Bravo!"
Peter TatchellJournalist and Human Rights Campaigner

"Jarel Robinson-Brown's book is a deceptively simple text. Either grace is free and unmerited for all people or else it isn't grace. This is not new, and yet, as my friend's wonderful book demonstrates, for LGBTQI people, the church has too often offered a polluted and debased model of Christianity that has corrupted the very notion of grace. Partial or conditional grace is an oxymoron. Jarel Robinson-Brown's book is a bold restatement for the rich traditions of an inclusive and generous faith that mirrors the joyous grace of Jesus Christ, in whose name Christianity proclaims her truth."

Anthony ReddieRegent's Park College, University of Oxford

"Jarel's is an enormously courageous and necessary voice. To all who are starving in the famine of grace that he rightly identifies, or responsible for it, he provides here a vision 'of repentance and reparation, of truth-telling and truth-hearing'. I have been challenged and awakened and, I hope, inspired to action by the hard story he has told and the hard thinking he has done."
The Rt Revd Paul BayesBishop of Liverpool

"Books like this don't come around very often. In this tour de force, Jarel Robinson-Brown's prophetic voice cries out not from the wilderness but a place of profound richness and life. It is both heartbreaking and breathtaking. At times deeply challenging and at times so beautifully-written that it made me want to weep. With deep theological insight that shines a light on much of the exclusivity we have seen - and some of us have been part of - in the Church, it is a rallying call to a faith that invites every single one of us in, without exception."
Chine McDonaldwriter, broadcaster and author of 'God Is Not A White Man: And Other Revelations

The Author

Jarel Robinson-Brown is a theologian and Assistant Curate at St Botolph's-Without-Aldgate. He has served churches in Cardiff, South Wales and South East London, and most recently as Associate Chaplain at King's College London. Prior to full-time ministry Jarel studied classical music as a pianist and organist at the London College of Music, and privately in Paris.


978-0-334-06048-2 £19.99   SCM Press   31st July 2021



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