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Book of the month - January

Date added: 11 January 2017

Becoming Friends of TimeBecoming Friends Of Time (003)

Disability, Timefullness, and Gentle Discipleship

By John Swinton

Michael Ramsey Prize winner for 2016

"With his usual insight and wisdom Swinton has written a timely book on time and disability. Swinton's work is profoundly human and humane because it is so determinatively christological. Becoming Friends of Time is a gift for all of us who struggle to survive in a world of speed." -- Stanley Hauerwas.

In Becoming Friends of Time, John Swinton crafts a theology of time that draws us toward a perspective wherein time is a gift and a calling. Swinton wrestles with critical questions that emerge from theological reflection on time and disability.

Watch John talk about the book here >

SCM Press

Paperback 978 0 334 05557 0

RRP £19.99

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