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Book of the Month June 2020

Date added: 08 June 2020

Holiness and Desire

What makes us who we are?

by Jessica Martin

This significant contribution to theological ethics shows that sexuality is not the sole, nor even the main ground on which a scriptural understanding of identity rests - rather it is the fullness of humanity's relationship with God. In that light, Holiness and Desire offers a wise resource for theological reflection on all that makes our relationships and has the power to distort them. Subjects include: - Longing for belonging, possession and idolatry; - Fidelity, betrayal and abuse; - Romantic dreams of fulfilment and completion; - Companionship and nurturing beyond kinship; - Knowing and being known; - Unfulfilled desire and the yearning for God. A wide-ranging and profoundly thoughtful book, it explores the consequences of narrowing the understanding of human identity and relationship to the area of sexual desire and calls for a broader, more holistic view.

Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin was formerly a Fellow in English Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge, and is now a Canon of Ely Cathedral. She was a theological adviser to the Bishops' working Party on Human Sexuality and is a member of the influential Littlemore group of theologians.



'Profound yet simple; robust yet vulnerable. Reading it is like reflecting on life and one's own story in front of an amazing piece of art'.

Rachel TreweekBishop of Gloucester

9781786221261 £14.99

Canterbury Press


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