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Book of the Month Late August 2019 (1)

Date added: 15 August 2019

Preaching With All Ages
Twelve Ways to Grow Your Skills and Confidence
Ally Barrett


Ally Barrett is a priest and a tutor in all-age worship and all-age preaching at Westcott House Cambridge.

The all-age talk is a task guaranteed to give preachers sleepless nights! Very few people feel they have a gift for it, and most lack confidence. This reflective and practical guide addresses these concerns, and aims to build a sure theological understanding, develop skills and grow confidence. Twelve chapters explore different kinds of engagement - with the senses, with one another, with oneself, with scripture, with liturgy, with the church, with God, with challenging situations, and more - to enable preachers make real connections with their listeners, whatever the age. Each chapter is followed by a practical case study illustrating key principles and providing down-to-earth, tried and tested wisdom for all kinds of contexts and occasions.


9781786221711 £14.99

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