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Book of the Month - Late May 2019

Date added: 24 April 2019

Christianity Rediscovered

New Edition

Vincent Donovan

Christianity Rediscovered


"You told us of the High God, how we must search for him...But we have not done this. We have not left our land. We have not searched for him. He has searched for us...All the time we think we are the lion. In the end, the lion is God"

Christianity Rediscovered is more than just a classic missionary story, about how one man brought a number of groups of Masai people in east Africa to Christian faith.

It is also a profound challenge, a call to a radical redefinition of what we mean when we talk about mission - as relevant to today's church as it was when it was first written. For Vincent Donovan, his experiences in Africa meant a total reappraisal of the meaning of his faith, and therefore a rediscovery of his Christianity.

His book, which is written with moving simplicity, continues to represent a provocative challenge to all those engaged in issues of evangelism and multiculturalism.

Bringing this vital work to a new generation of pioneers, this new edition includes a foreword by Chris Lane.

Vincent Donovan, Chris Lane

Vincent Donovan was a Roman Catholic priest from the United States. He was ordained in 1952 and was a Spiritan missionary to the Masai in Tanzania for 17 years during the 1960s and 70s. Chris Lane is Leader of Langworthy Community Church, Salford & Tutor at St Mellitus North West. He is the author of 'Ordinary Miracles' and appears regularly as a speaker at New Wine and Soul Survivor


SCM Press

9780334056652 £12.99

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