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Book of the Month - May 2018

Date added: 23 July 2018

The Hardest Part

A Centenary Critical Edition

G.A. Studdert Kennedy


Stark, moving but with glimmers of humour amongst the wreckage, "The Hardest Part" asks perhaps the hardest question of all when faced with the horrors of the First World War - where was God to be found in the carnage of the Western Front?

Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy's anwer, that through the cross God shares in human suffering rather than being a 'passionate potentate' looking down unmoved by death, injury and destruction on an immense scale, was and still is, revolutionary.

Marking the centenary both of the end of the First World War and the original publication of The Hardest Part, this new critical edition contains a contextual introduction, a brief biography of Studdert Kennedy, annotated bibliography and the full text of the first edition of the book, with explanatory notes.

SCM Press

ISBN 9780334057192

RRP £25.00


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