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Book of the Month November 2023

Date added: 06 November 2023

The Infernal Word

Notes from a Rebel Angel

Nicholas Papadopulos

The Infernal Word

See the Biblical story in an unusual light - from the perspective of a devil who took up arms against heaven under the leadership of Satan.

With eternity to ponder why God emerged triumphant from the struggle, this rebel angel has turned to the Bible, the record of God's dealings with 'the humans' to find out why his side was defeated.

In twelve chapters, he considers a dozen of God's significant encounters with humanity - each take placing on a mountain top. From Mount Ararat where Noah's ark pitched up, to the Mount of Ascension where Jesus returns to heaven, each reveals an aspect of God's inexplicable and unfathomable love for humans.

Beneath their conversational and sardonic surface style, these infernal reflections engage deeply with the reality of a loving God who is made visible and vulnerable in Christ.

The Infernal Word began as a series of addresses preached on Good Friday in Canterbury Cathedral. They make ideal seasonal reading for anyone who wishes to explore the story of salvation - although perhaps not if you are a devil.


The Author:

Nicholas Papadopulos

Nicholas Papadopulos is the Dean of Salisbury. Previously he was a Canon of Canterbury Cathedral. Before ordination, he was a barrister practicing criminal law.

9781786225290 £9.99   Canterbury Press   30th November 2023



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