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Publisher of the Month: SLG Press

Our Publisher of the Month feature is a quick way to get to know a religious publisher and their stock.


SLG Press is a small publishing house run by the Community of the Sisters of the Love of God (SLG), an Anglican contemplative community based in Oxford, England.  It is supported by the community and also by the charity, SLG Charitable Trust Limited.  The work is carried out by Sisters with the help of lay staff.

Monastic Vocatioin

The Press was founded in 1967 with a Legacy from Fr Gilbert Shaw and his teaching and that of Mother Mary Clare on contemplative prayer form the nucleus of the early publications. Its books still include works by members of the community such as Sr Benedicta Ward, that encouragte the development of a life of prayer and link that life to the Desert Tradition and the great writers of the Latin patristic corpus.

Anselm of Canterbury The World of the Desert Fathers

It has grown from small beginnings and has gained an international reputation for short, high-quality works of Christian spirituality. The aim is to publish smaller books which may not be economically viagble for large commercial publishers, but have a particular value in building up a life of prayerand represent writing of the highest quality. They are accessible to those who might be daunted by a full-length theological book and a means of whetting their appetites for more.

The work done by SLG Press accords with centuries of monastic tradition, in which study and writing accompany our life of prayer and reflection upon the Word of God, combined with community living. There is a strong monastic strand and a core of Eastern Orthodox spirituality, particularly seen in the best-selling book about the Jesus Prayer, The Power of the Name,by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware. The Press draws from the wisdom of the Desert Fathers, early monastic saints, the fourteenth-century English mystics, the tradition of Carmel and other ancient and modern-day teachers of prayer.

Recent publications address the concerns of today's world, including care for the environmentm anger, despair and compassion. A short book introducing monastic life, Monastic Vocation has received critical acclaim, and will be joined by a companion volume in 2024. Most recently the Press has initiated a series of short books of Contemplative Poetry, which publishes living authors, but also has a focus on Christian authors who are unknown in the English language, translated by the award-winning poet John Gallas.

SLG Press was founded at a time when the community had increasingly become aware that a significant aspect of the contemplative life is a longing to share with others what they have themselves received. St Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-74) used the Latin words contemplata aliis tradere, usually now translated as 'to contemplate, and to hand on to others the fruits of contemplation'.

"Our works continue to respond to today's world and its spiritual needs. We rejoice to be able to communicate through the published word the things which are important to us. For us, this work is holy ground".

Authors include: A M Allchin, John Barton, Sebastian Brock, Mary Hansbury, Andrew Louth, Archbishop Michael Ramsey, Dumitrou Staniloae, Columba Stewart OSB, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Sr Benedicta Ward SLG and Archbishop Rowan Williams

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The Power of the Name An Ecology of the Heart Time Women & God


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