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Publisher of the Month: The Catholic Truth Society

Our Publisher of the Month feature is a quick way to learn more about a religious publisher and their publications.

This month we focus on The Catholic Truth Society, who are celebrating their 150th Anniversary in June.

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Fergal Martin, General Secretary, talks about the Society and its publishing programme.

Who are the team at CTS?

We are a publishing charity focussed entirely on our mission. The CTS are fortunate to have an excellent and committed team and all the editorial commissioning, design, sales, marketing and fundraising is carried out from our office. We enjoy a close working relationship with the book trade, both in the UK and overseas. Our products can be found on the racks in parishes all over the world and also at our central London bookshop, which is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the Catholic faith. The CTS continue to work on an exciting programme of publishing projects to ensure that the book trade are well stocked with new quality titles that continue to meet the spiritual needs of its loyal and valued customers and supporters.


What needs does CTS respond to as a publisher?

Our readers are largely asking the same questions that they were when the Catholic Truth Society was founded 150 years ago in 1868. People's needs remain strikingly similar. We still ask ourselves, 'how can I understand my Christian faith, sustain it and apply in everyday life? How can I be sure of what I believe, in the culture in which I live?' Then there are the big questions of life, death, suffering, love, family, war, injustice, morality - the purpose of my own existence. Catholic Christianity has a great deal to say on all these matters.

How does CTS respond to those needs?

The CTS have established an unrivalled reputation for authenticity and reliability, meaning we publish only what the Catholic Church believes and teaches. That's key for us. People can rely on the quality of our publications from pocket-sized booklets up to catechisms, liturgical books and children's titles. We have different levels of material depending on where you are - from a working priest to someone who is simply curious about Christianity or the Church.


What do you publish?

We have almost 700 titles in print and 300 available as ebooks, coupled with all the new official documents from the Vatican.

The most popular titles from our recent backlist are:

1. The official Catechism of the Catholic Church - Hardback and soft back, the most up-to-date edition of the Church's official catechism

2. Our range of Ritual and People Missals for use in the Liturgy - a range of quality official Liturgical Books for use in England, Wales and Scotland

3. The CTS New Catholic Bible- Original range of bibles with additional notes on the liturgical cycle of readings for Catholic users.

4. Youcat - the world's bestselling Catholic catechism, with its distinctive style, opened up to new younger generation readers.


Catechism of the Catholic Church CTS Ritual image CTS New Catholic Bible


The stars from our new titles this year must be:

1. A Year with the Catechism - Brilliant way-in to reading and digesting Church teaching, with daily readings and explanations

2. Eucharistic Devotions - Elegant Ritual book in great demand by parishes, schools, convents and communities that regularly celebrate Eucharistic Adoration.

3. Cherishing Your Wedding - For anyone thinking about marriage or in the months prior to marrying, what it all means, how to prepare and some very down to earth advice for the mind, heart and logistics.

4. A Handbook for Catechists - Significant new aid for catechists working in variety of settings, filling a major gap in UK.



CTS Year with Catechism CTS Cherishing your Wedding CTS Handbook for Catechists